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Join us for a Men’s Retreat on Bowen Island

I am excited to share that I am going on a Men’s Retreat to Bowen Island this coming Saturday July 20th with the revered Sujith Ravindran.

Sujith is amazing and I have learned so much from him in the little time I have known him. He is a transformational thinker, and just knowing him can transform your life.

If you are available, I encourage you to join us to reconnect with your mature masculinity. Here is some more information from Sujith himself, explaining what it is all about:

“Our daily living tends to dilute our vital masculine energy. That prevents us from standing in our full power and immense presence in the lives of those around us.

The greatest men we know are those who take the time to recharge themselves, reaffirm their life standards and regain clarity. We can accomplish all of this ONLY in the council of brothers. On JULY 20, we will gather on BOWEN ISLAND as men to do some self-attunement and practice some rituals.

Here is a list of things we will do together;

- Reaffirmation of Standards (for those who have an established set of standards that guide them through their daily living)
- The ‘Listening Stone’ ritual
- Nature walk
- Drumming
- Chanting

We will all together hold the space for this exciting day out in a yurt and in nature. Dave and I will facilitate the practices and the rituals.

I know for myself, whenever I return from a day like this I am filled with this amazing inner power that guides me through my relationships and choices. It triggers attraction in my life partner and inspires admiration in those close to me.

As usual, the day will be organized on a donation basis. Let’s take the 9am ferry from Horseshoe Bay . We will schedule the carpooling in the week leading to the 20th.

Only 20 men can join and a number of places are already taken. So please decide at the soonest…….and please pass on this invitation to other men who are as passionate as you are for personal growth.


Dave & Sujith”

Hope you can make it – please contact Sujith through to register, or leave a comment here.

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One Great Wall, One Great Inspiration

anything is possible inspiration

The Legendary Photo

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel to Beijing, China several times over the past three years. One of those trips in particular remains the highlight of those travels.

I had recently become acquainted with Jamie D. Grant, a local celebrity magician and artist (whom I now have the privilege of calling a friend), and was following his “Send Wonder” campaign very closely.

Jamie had taken on the monstrous task of leaving a limited edition deck of cards in a bottle (his signature work of art) at 100 places in Vancouver and around the world, over a period of 100 days. Every day he would place the bottle in a secret location, take a photo of it, and then tweet it out to his followers. A mad scramble to find the bottle would then ensue.

I followed Jamie’s tweets daily and was lucky enough to find bottle #10/100 myself. When I found out I would be going to China during Jamie’s project, I sent him my proposal to be an “Agent of Wonder” and take a photo of one of the bottles at the Great Wall of China. “It will be epic!” I wrote.

Jamie dug the idea (he is an epic kinda guy), and before long I was boarding a plane to Beijing with bottle #26/100 in my (very) safe-keeping.

And the rest, as they say, is history. I made it to the Great Wall of China, searched high and low along the wall for the perfect spot, and captured the legendary photo that inspires me to this day. Oh, and I took a little video of me in the process (check it out below).

I’d like to thank Jamie for his inspirational Send Wonder campaigns. Whenever I need a reminder that “Anything is Possible” and that I should “Never Give Up” – I simply look at his bottles, buckle down, and take action.

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Welcome to

Welcome to my – my place on the web to showcase my talents and projects.

I will use this blog to post writing samples, thoughts on social media and technology, tips on being a better person and of service to others, and news about upcoming projects.


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