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I have eight years of professional experience contributing to, and leading teams, on large, complex, global IT projects at IBM.

I enjoy helping and leading my teams to achieve our goals and contribute to our global strategy.

Here is an excerpt from a recommendation letter from a former team leader of mine at IBM.

I have worked with Vincent for five years in different capacities on a large, complex, global SAP HR implementation.
I would recommend Vincent, without hesitation, for any role suited to his interests and vast skill set. Vincent has
successfully performed individual contributor roles requiring strong technical, functional and process expertise, as
well as leadership roles managing a large team located across multiple countries and time zones.
Vincent has excellent written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills, is extremely organized and committed
to delivering high quality work. He is very efficient, values project timelines and is focused on meeting deliverable
due dates. He has great initiative, can work independently on targeted deliverables, yet also works effectively as a
member of a team, or leading and guiding teams.

–IBM Colleague